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Edna O.P Higa (Hawaii)

I met Rick in a USAA seminar who was gracious and was patient in coordinating a follow up 1: 1 meeting. I was in a very extremely busy time in my military and professional career and timing with follow up by Rick was spot on. I knew I was transitioning soon and needed to sign up for LTC insurance. Rick was helpful to share the intricate details and how it affected me down the line. I settled for a yearly charge for billing for 4 years. Then, as I worked with wounded warriors in my civilian life and looked into VA benefits (I am a Gulf war veteran) then I realized that I can get priority as a veteran with long term care benefits. Therefore, I spoke with Rick who was gracious with excellent listening skills to communicate my dropping out of my LTC insurance. I miss talking to him as he's very knowledgeable with a sense of humor. It was a pleasure working with him!

Dave & Francine K (Washington)

We continue to be impressed and gratified by the superb service, excellent advice and genuine caring exhibited by Rick Junius. When we applied for Long Term Health Care Insurance we were age 79 and 73 and were braced for a long, arduous uphill struggle to find a carrier that would accept us as clients. Rick worked hard for us, answering all questions, guiding us through the resultant appeal process (in both our applications) and was successful in securing the result we were seeking. Thanks to Rick, we are now both covered and can face the future secure in the knowledge that we will have expected coverage if ever it is needed. Thank you Rick Junius, we have come to trust you as a friend as well as our agent. Your assistance, caring and extensive knowledge saved the day!

Peter H (Kentucky)

Rick worked with me, when I decided to apply for long-term care insurance after having been denied coverage. I explained the reason for the insurance company's refusal & my belief that I was in good health & a good risk for coverage. He told me that there were companies who would take a risk on those like me & promised to help. He did step be step until he succeeded in getting me covered. Thanks!

Pamela D. (Michigan)

Working with you was a pleasure. You walked us thru the program we needed. I know it was difficult to find me a policy but you were successful. Thank you very much Rick.

John & Paula B (Washington)

My twin sister has had LTC for several years with Mutual of Omaha. We inquired on line for agents representing Mutual of Omaha in our area and spoke with several of them and decided that Rick Junius was well versed in LTC rules. Rick was patient in listening to my many questions and would respond via email. This allowed me to ponder his response and sometimes Rick explained the same thing using different examples. The power point LTC displays provided by Rick were excellent and provided the starting point of discussion for my wife and I. I emailed to several of my friends these power point display attachments and urged them to reflect on their needs. I waited too long for getting LTC insurance and should have signed up when in my late 50's - time does not wait for you. Completing the LTC insurance forms on line with Rick was easy, who shares his screen with you and immediately sends a paper copy the next day. You also have the option to print them yourself. On email I sent to Rick, I received a response in less than 24hrs. Rick, thanks for helping Paula and I work through the LTC maze.
John and Paula B.

Bill and Esther E. (Washington)

We had the pleasure of working with Rick Junius in our application for long term care insurance. All of our interactions with Rick were via telephone or on-line. Rick initially explained our options, the requirements and costs involved. Subsequently he monitored and assisted us in each step of the application process. We were very impressed with his high level of professionalism and communication skills. In addition, he contacted us in followup to confirm our satisfaction. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Rick for long term care services.

Sue & David G (Hawaii)

Rick Junius spent months working with us so that we could get long term care at ages 73 and 79 respectively. We were both in excellent health which seemed to set off bells and whistles for the actuarial tables. In any event, after much jumping through numerous hoops with Rick supporting our efforts and going to bat for us at each juncture we were approved. Thank you Rick.

Ron & Diane L (Oregon)

Really had a great experience. Rick was very professional, easy to work with and was very knowledgeable about the many options available in the market. We highly recommend Rick and the company.
I met Rick in a USAA seminar who was gracious and was patient in coordinating a follow up 1: 1 meeting. I was in a very extremely busy time in my military and professional career and timing with… Read More

Edna O.P Higa (Hawaii)

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